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Wage Garnishment in California

Stop or Prevent Collection Lawsuits and Wage Garnishments!

Once creditors give up on harassing you to get paid, they send the matter to a local attorney to file a collection lawsuit. Either by default if you don’t answer or after trial if you file an answer, they will get a Judgement for whatever amount the court decides you owe. Attorneys Fees and Court Costs are added on top of that amount. They then can proceed to have your wages garnished, your bank account seized and use other judgement collection remedies. They can also file an Abstract of Judgement with the County Recorder which then becomes a secured lien on any real property you own.

Lawsuits and the following wage garnishments can be prevented or stopped by filing a bankruptcy case. Liens on your home can be “avoided” if filed within 90 days before your bankruptcy filing or whenever if you have no equity in your home over the exemption you claim in the bankruptcy case. We file a Notice of Stay free for all our bankruptcy clients in any state court lawsuits so no one in the future will proceed against you by mistake. We try to present any future hassles for you in the future. We stop wage garnishments and tax levys the same day you file.