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Car Loan Repossessions

Immediately halt all repossession attempts by filing Chapter 13. If your car has already been repossessed, we can still get it back for you as long as it has not been sold by the lender. You can then pay for it in the Chapter 13 plan. Interest can be reduced to 4 or 5% and if you have owned it more than 2 and 1/2 years then you can pay them what the car is worth not what you owe! If the car was taken before you filed bankruptcy, you need to have insurance and the car cannot have been used in a crime to get it back.

Letting your car get repossessed or doing a voluntary repo and giving it back to the lender is usually a very bad idea. The lenders sell these cars at the auction for much less than you owe and sue you for the difference. These are called deficiency claims and can be huge. If you don’t want the car, then it can be rejected in a Chapter 7 and you will owe them nothing. Chapter 13 can be used to pay your lender what the car is worth not what you owe if you have owned it more than 910 days, or the loan is not purchase money, or is for a business use, or you had a negative trade in as part of your purchase. Interest rate on the car loan can always be dropped no matter when you bought the car. Typical interest rates on Chapter 13 car loans are 4 or 5%.