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Hire Tax Relief Lawyers

Hire Tax Relief Lawyers


Don’t lose property or wages through garnishment or levy. Don’t suffer needlessly through the actions of tax collectors – the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, EDD, State Board of Equalization to name a few! STOP garnishment and collection actions immediately and automatically by requesting your constitutional right to a “fresh start” under federal law. Get seized property back and release frozen funds. Don’t let high interest and penalties keep accruing when discharge of many taxes is available. And the taxes which aren’t dischargeable can be paid off without interest and without more penalties accruing over a five year plan. If you are under pressure because of heavy tax burdens you owe it to yourself and your family to become correctly informed as to the dischargeability of your taxes, payment plans under Chapter 13, and restore dignity and order to your life. We have helped thousands of people solve their tax problems.

The specific rules vary with how much property you own, whether tax liens have been filed and possibly secured by equity, and whether one files for protection under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or a plan under Chapter 13. Generally, three years after the filing due date of the return and 240 days from assessment the taxes become dischargeable. Chapter 13 has the most favorable rules to discharge taxes..

We can stop collection, stop garnishment, stop seizures, stop interest, stop penalties and give you time to discharge the dischargeable taxes and pay off the other taxes in a 5 year repayment plan submitted by the taxpayer and approved by the court. Contrast this with the IRS payment plans which credit all your payments first to penalties and interest and then to the oldest years of tax liability – many people spend years making payments and see the total increase despite the payments!

If credit card debt, medical bills, debts from business failures, divorce, and other money problems go along with the tax problems, they can be dealt with at the same time. Remedies like Chapter 13 may let one pay nothing or as little as a few cents on the dollar to these creditors and be free of the debt forever.

Don’t be fooled by slick, high price, low results programs that wind up with you having tax liens encumbering everything you own. The IRS and the other tax entities are out to collect every penny they are entitled to collect. Nobody is going to charm them into inaction.

We are known for our expertise and our reasonable fees. Fees to stop your tax nightmares are extremely reasonable, with initial retainers as low as $0.00. A free analysis of your tax situation in a no-obligation free consultation is the place to start understanding your alternatives and start solving this problem.

Call us now 408-291-6000. We can help even if you have filed bankruptcy before, are locked out of your business or office or have just had assets seized! Don’t delay.

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